The mission of the Lincoln County Registry of Deeds is to record all documents promptly and efficiently, preserving them for the future; to provide reliable access to these records, assisting the public in research efforts; and to serve with professionalism.




            The Registry of Deeds is the County office which records various documents – deeds, mortgages, discharges, divorces, court records, affidavits, liens, survey plans and any documents that pertain to property.  The Registrar is elected for a four year term, appoints a Deputy and is assisted by a staff of full and part-time clerks.




            Upon arrival at our office, each document is examined to ensure that it meets recording mandates and is accompanied by the correct fees.  It is then forwarded to computer stations where all pertinent data is entered.


            Our system provides a complete recording, indexing, imaging and accounting solution for Lincoln County.  The software automatically assigns book, page, instrument number, recording date and time.  The system has extensive security features and audit controls as well as accounting features.  Reports can be generated at any time for all aspects of the process.


            Documents are proofread daily, scanned to create images then printed into books for shelving in the Book Room.   The originals are compared to the book for accuracy and clarity.   In the final step  they are returned to the recording party.


            Access to the Registry is available at www.lincolncomeregofdeeds.com.  The

Internet service is a continuation of our commitment to provide high quality service to all customers.  Access to indices on the web is free.  However, if you want to view or print images, registration is required in order to receive a User ID and Password.  Visit our

“Get Connected” page for sign-up information. 




            Our entire plan index is computerized and the land record index is computerized back to 1954.  Large volumes are being re-created into compact books.  Back-scaning of recent volumes continues to provide additional images in the computer, and we are preparing  to computerize indices prior to 1954.






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            Lincoln County was incorporated June 19, 1760 and contains 457 square miles with 451 miles of coastline and six rivers.  In 1760, the County’s western boundary began at the eastern edge of Casco Bay (small Point), followed the Casco Bay shore to the New



Meadows River where the boundary ran North 2W to the Canadian border.  The easterly boundary was Nova Scotia, extending from the sea to the northerly reaches of the territory of Maine.


            At that time Lincoln County covered three-fifths of the territory of Maine; the remaining portion of the state was in the counties of York and Cumberland.  Out of the 1760 Lincoln County land area were formed the additional 13 counties that comprise the State of Maine today; although their configuration has changed over the years preceding statehood in 1820.




            We’re located in the historic Lincoln County Court House built in 1824.  Of Georgian architecture, it is the oldest courthouse in Maine in which court is still held and is patterned after many old English buildings.  The courtrooms remain practically as they were in the beginning.


            The building was enlarged in 1950 and again in 1972, but the additions were done in a manner that retains the architecture and character of the original building.



Monday through Friday

8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

(excepting holidays)



(207) 882-7431 ----- (207) 882-7515



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Access to the Registry is available via the Internet at: